Legal Advice To Achieve Successful Agreements.


We have a portfolio of national and international clients, highlighting the hotel and real estate area as its main business.


We are committed to providing our clients with adequate legal advice aimed at safeguarding their interests.


Our staff is made up of lawyers with strong professional studies and trained to advise you correctly.


Legal and Corporate Advice

We provide our clients with the necessary strategies for the proper functioning of their businesses.

Contracts and Agreements

Achieving legal certainty, as well as the best agreement of wills is our maximum satisfaction.

Real Estate Law

Extensive experience in real estate operations, including purchases, sales, subdivisions and mergers.

Foreign Investment

Our firm offers advice and preparation of the documentation that must be presented to the Mexican authorities.

Regulatory Area

We provide assistance during inspections by administrative authorities and the procedure arising from such inspections.

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Basic principles. The promise of sale is the contract by means of which the parties promise each other against each...
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Basic notions of legal business and contracts in general

In civil law there are three classifications of important assumptions to distinguish: Legal fact.Juridical act.Legal business. The legal business is...
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